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Paint Correction

        If you are looking for professional paint correction work, G'zox Canada is the place to go! All our technicians are trained in Japan and certified by Soft99 -- the mother company of G'zox franchise. 
        Before we perform any kind of work on your vehicle, we check for all imperfections on the paint work such as scratches, swirl marks, orange peels etc. After the inspection, we will notify you what we need to do to get the job done. We will determine Which stage of paint correction are required and how long the work is going to take us. Please keep in mind that after paint correction is done, we strongly suggest you to go with our paint protection plan to protect the fresh showroom grade paint work.
       There are usually three different stages:
MINI 05.jpg
Stage 1

Removes some swirl marks, and light scratches from daily usage of the vehicle

Stage 2

Light cutting with single action to remove deeper scratches in the paint, then finished with fine polishing

Stage 3

Full paint correction that removes most scratches and restores the most amount of shine from the paint



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