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Coating Services

      Unlike most of the ceramic coating products on the market, G'zox coatings are glass based instead of silicon based technology. The advantage for this technology is to provide a much more rigid and strong protection on the paint comparing to other coating brands. We only use our in-house coating products for ceramic coating. 
      Every vehicle has different paint condition. Therefore, price for individual vehicle may vary due to extra works and material used. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for an accurate quote on your vehicle.
Real Glass Coat

High level water repellency adds glass based layer. It produces excellent durability and water repellency by hard glassy layer. It appears not only beading the rain but also protecting from acid rain or water stain. Also thick hard layer doesn’t become sof ten in high temperature which makes easily remove stain by water car wash.

real glass shine.jpg
Hydro Finish

The Hydro Finish hydrophobic crystal coating provides amazing water-repellence and an ultra-high hardness of 9H. Rainwater, along with dirt, can be washed away easily from the car body, which will in turn prevent lime scale formation and dirt stains. In addition, water spots will not form on the car as water will not remain on the car body. This is the most suitable coating for cars that are parked outdoors.

hydro finish.jpg
Hi-Mohs Coat

A two layer coating with Mohs hardness 8 boasting the most incredible gloss in G'ZOX range. The Base Coat makes use of a powerful polymerisation process to create an ultra-hard, highly durable glass barrier. The Top Coat reacts with the Base Coat to create an upper layer with amazing gloss-enhancement properties and unprecedented durability.

hi mohs.jpg


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